3 Steps to Speeding Up Routine Emails

One common problem at work is the drafting of routine emails (for approvals etc.) Routine work is unavoidable. But what we can do, is make it efficient.

Instead of saving an email draft or text in a word doc, try using this instead!

Outlook’s Signature Function

Creatively using Outlook’s signature function can help speed up drafting of generic emails. Here’s our quick and simple guide.

Step 1 – Open a New E-mail

Open an Email

Step 2 – Click on the Signature Button

Create Signature

Step 3 – Create a New Signature

Name it appropriately, for example, “approval email for budget”.

Then, proceed to type out the full e-mail in text box below, including your usual email sign off (the popular use for signatures).

Click ok, and you’re done!

Select Signature

Then, the next time you need to draft that email, simply summon the signature button and you’re done!

Recall Signature

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