A Mother’s Love Makes A House A Home


She has fed you, bathed you, slept by your side, taught you how to walk and how to talk.  You literally would not be here reading this if it was not for her. She brought you into this world. Yes, we are talking about the one woman who performs the daily miracles that more often than not, we all take for granted. Our one and only mother.

For all the times she has been our pillar of strength when we’re at our weakest and our ray of guiding light in the darkness of troubled times, today is the day that we specially set aside to celebrate what our mothers are truly worth. Inspire-SG would like to wish all mothers, and our readers’ mothers a Happy Mother’s Day.

In light of this wonderful day, Inspire-SG spoke to some of our readers to share with us: How has your mother inspired you to be a better person?

Chris Lim, Financial Advisor (Great Eastern)

My mom grew up in an era where males were favoured over females. She had to give up the chance to study to her brothers, and instead helped out at my grandfather’s stall.

After she got married, she had to give up her passion of singing for the family as her priority was to raise us. After she gave birth to us, she had to give up her fancy dresses because she could not fit into them anymore.

Without all these sacrifices that she made for us, I would never have gotten to be the person I am today.

If there is one thing that I have learned from her, it is to be grateful for the little things in life. Be grateful for the cooked food at home, for every time she remembers where the other half of your socks is at and be grateful that she cares enough about you to ask you what time will you be home. For all the small things and big things that she does for us, most importantly, be grateful that she is here in our lives.

Syarif, Inspector of Police (NS)

My mother has taught me the importance of living for others and not just for yourself. Especially the importance of family.

I am not ashamed to share that my mother is a divorcee. She once told me that the only reasons she is so strong emotionally as a person is because of her children. Though not everything in life has gone her way, she is determined not to make her children go through the same difficulty and she would do anything to make life that bit easier for them.

She would do all the basic things that she believes we all need for daily support. She will cook for us almost everyday, even though we can eat outside. She will clean the house no matter how tired she is to make sure that we do not come back to a messy home and even wash our clothes and fold/iron it for us. Even though we are not little children anymore, she still does this voluntarily. And I do appreciate all the little things she does.

She is also the friend we need when we’re feeling down. She will say to me, “You can tell me anything, I won’t judge”, and she really means it. She is not only a mother to me, but also my best friend. Therefore because of her, I realise the importance of family as an institution for support in the course of our lives.

Marlyna Marican, NUS Undergrad

My mother has inspired me to follow in her footsteps of helping people. Next week, I will be heading to Cambodia to help out in orphanages and also to lend a helping hand to charity organisations there. These actions have been greatly inspired by my mother.

In her free time, she goes to Cambodia as a volunteer. She will spend her time at these organisations with those who are in need. For example, there is this AIDS hospital she volunteers at and she will bring the patients there out to eat. She will collect some funds from Singapore and buy slippers for them all. These little things such as bringing them to the restaurants or getting new footwear makes them very happy.

So as a daughter, I do feel proud to have a mother like mine. She has inspired me to be a better person by taking the initiative to help those who are less fortunate and I’m doing my part too by volunteering for similar causes.

Inspire-SG’s Thoughts

Mothers have a profound effect on their little (or not so little) ones. Sometimes even without you knowing it. We asked for thoughts, and we received an overwhelming response. It just goes to show the magnitude of gratitude that is within many of us. We’ll share more Mother’s Day dedications in the comments section of our Facebook Page.

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One thought on “A Mother’s Love Makes A House A Home”

  1. My mom never fails to ask me if I had dinner even when I am back home at midnight. Sometimes I snap at her for asking the obvious becos I’m tired. But I realised this is how she shows she cares. Thank you, Mom!


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