The Steven Gerrard Dilemma

To the tune of Que Sera, Sera

Steve Gerrard, Gerrard
He’s better than Frank Lampard
He’s Scouse and he’s mighty Hard
Steve Gerrard, Gerrard

Steven Gerrard

In this day and age of football where the thickness of the players’ wallets weigh heavier than the badges on their chest, Steven Gerrard is a rare breed of players that epitomises the essence of loyalty to their clubs.

Having played his last game for Liverpool F.C. after 17 fruitful years, the club’s captain for the past decade bade an emotional farewell to the Anfield faithful. Arguably the club’s greatest ever player, Steven Gerrard embodied the heart and soul of Liverpool F. C. with his often influential displays in central midfield. Watching him drive his team forward with lung-bursting runs and great panache was a sight all too familiar to fans of the game.

Countless times, he has single-handedly turned games around, rescued the team and won many important matches to the great delight of fans of the Reds. Most notably, Gerrard received an MBE from the Queen herself for his cup-winning heroics in the 2005 UEFA Champions League Final on a historic night in Istanbul.

Personal accolades aside, it is Steven Gerrard’s loyalty to his club that captures and almost beguiles the imagination of football fans the world over. Born in Merseyside, he has been playing for Liverpool since the age of nine and has not looked back since. Going on to captain both club and country, he is undoubtedly one of the best midfield generals of his generation. A Liverpudlian through and through, Steven Gerrard fought tooth and nail for the club that he has supported as a boy.

However, despite his most valiant efforts, he still has not won the English Premier League title, a trophy that has eluded Gerrard’s illustrious cabinet. Steven Gerrard was highly regarded for his ability as a footballer, but what set him apart and stand out as an individual was his loyalty to Liverpool.

Today, we look at 2 key career planning pointers we learn from him and how we can all apply it in one way or another.

1. Have a Clear Goal and Believe

Working with the end in mind is very important. Does the end justify the means? This would influence every decision you make and guide you in your actions.

For example, Stevie G’s goal (as we see it) was to bring glory to his beloved Liverpool. With this, he certainly did his part and it was a valiant effort. His loyalty was then a byproduct of his goal. To be successful at Liverpool, and only Liverpool, was his one desire. Every distraction or temptation like offers to join more successful clubs such as Chelsea did not mean much because of his focus to his goal.

2. What Are You Prepared to Give Up?

There is no such thing as something for nothing.

To achieve what he did (especially the less tangible successes), he gave up a great many things – the biggest of which is a potentially much more decorated personal career. A player of his calibre and talent could have easily played at a much bigger club and have won a great number of personal and team accolades if surrounded by better players.

Question – Loyalty vs Success

Was it the best decision to leave Liverpool at such a late stage in his career? Should he have abandoned ship early on and go on to achieve personal greatness?

The question of success is answered only by the definition of success.

When your goal is clear, your definition of success becomes clear. When your goal is clear, your subsequent actions become clear. In the case of Steven Gerrard, the question would not be whether he could have had greater success outside Liverpool but rather, how much success did he have during his time at Liverpool?

So when you find yourself confused and paralysed with inaction, ask yourself this: What is your true goal? What matters most to you? And think – what would Steven Gerrard do?

Side-note: Measure of respect? Stoke defender lets Gerrard score in his last game.

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