2 Key Business Insights From Jurassic World (Some Spoilers)

22 years after the release of the hugely successful, iconic, Jurassic Park comes the fourth movie of the franchise, the Jurassic World (after The Lost World and Jurassic Park 3).

We found that it was an enjoyable movie that takes you on a roller-coaster ride. It won’t blow your mind, but it’ll keep you entertained for 130 minutes.While the movie has it’s moments, it never really comes close to it’s genre defining older sibling and there are many mixed reviews online.

That said, we’ll leave the detailed reviews to the experts and critics. In our eyes, the movie is pack with lessons that corporations and business executives (even students) can learn from. 

Here are 2 key business takeaways:

At the start of the movie, the park was growing annually at a rate of about 2.5%, but operating costs were increasing and eating into profits.

As with any company struggling to grow after it reaches a certain size, the park decides to get creative to boost figures. They engage in a precarious endeavor – to create a genetically modified dinosaur that would put the T-Rex to shame in size, wit and aggression. This newly engineered dinosaur is called the Indominus Rex.

This monster of a dinosaur proceeds to baffle the park keepers with it’s size and intellect by going on to cleverly escape a well equipped high-tech containment area. It also goes on to kill other dinosaurs and people in the park, for sport.

Did we mention it ate its sibling growing up?

1. Sustainable and Responsible Growth

So how can businesses avoid engineering monsters that they can’t control? 

From a profitability standpoint, it’s easy to see why businesses do such things. A new CEO, a new sales manager, a new high powered executive, these people are hungry to prove their worth – so policies and strategies that are bigger, better and faster are implemented.

It doesn’t help that publicly-listed businesses churn out earning reports every quarter (3 months) and there is very little tolerance for poor quarters, not to mention successive poor quarters. The strategy of irresponsibly introducing increasingly outlandish policies/products/services are great to boost numbers – but this is a very short-term approach.

Over-time, it promotes the desensitisation of the market to future product releases especially if it’s done too frequently (like the Samsung Galaxy Series). Growth strategies need to consider the impact on the environment, people and whether or not the rate of growth can be consistently achieved.

2. Don’t Wait Till Tomorrow, You Might Not Get It!

“A promise tomorrow is a lot less than trying today.”, quote from the movie.  

Claire (the Operations Manager of Jurassic World), played by Bryce Dallas Howard, promises her sister that she would spend the next day with nephews, when she is less busy at work.

Her sister proceeds to quote something their mom used to say – “A promise tomorrow is a lot less than trying today.” This becomes very relevant as the movie progresses because as the day (in the movie) progresses, so does the odds of there not being a tomorrow.

Many busy executives consider having free time a luxury and corporate culture has ingrained a need to be efficient in the utilisation of time. But sometimes, it is forgotten that opportunity costs apply to life as well. For too long, many have put off things to tomorrow, especially to the things that can wait.

Many are becoming used to putting off important things like reading, exercising and spending quality time with loved ones. Because these things don’t pose any immediate need or demand our urgent attention, we feel that theses things can take a back seat to the more urgent matters like work or self-gratification.

Try putting things into context and take a few minutes to attempt this exercise

Close your eyes and imagine what would happen if you were to die right now, at this very moment.

Quickly list down some of your regrets. Then jot down short points that you can do now to make sure you don’t waste away the one life you’ve been given.

Parting Thoughts

In one way or another, these things apply to us all and to some extent, we are all guilty of it.

In the hustle and bustle of life, it is only natural to do the things we’re used to. That is why, every now and then, it is good to stop and take a look around and consider the long terms impact of your actions.

Always remind yourself that your actions have consequences.

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