The Genius in Being Wrong

Over the weekend, Wimbledon 2015 was in full swing and Andy Murray was in a third round match. The world number 3 was up against Andreas Seppi in a match which he eventually won fairly comfortably. But we’re not here today to talk about tennis highlights.

Instead, these Murray fans spotted in the stands were the real eye-catchers.

In a hilarious turn of events, these fans took the Twitter world by storm when #MURY(!) began to trend. The reactions came thick and fast. People spotted the obvious fact that they had the right number of people to spell “MURRAY” instead of “#MURY!”.

This led us to the question:

Are these guys just bumbling fools or was it a calculated stroke of genius to get themselves trending on the web?

Definitely “MURRAY” would not have gotten the same reactions that “#MURY!” received.

The decision to dedicate an entire t-shirt on a single hashtag was an inspired one.

There is now a targeted medium for those who have glimpsed the sight and felt the urge to tweet about it. Essentially, the hashtag was an invitation to tweet.

Stood Out from the Crowd

The six clad in that hot shade of pink jumped out from the rest of the Wimbledon crowd. We hardly think that fuchsia is the colour of choice for any if not all of these six guys.

Intentional as it was to wear a striking colour, it worked wonders. The eyes of the world were trained on the antics of the #MURY! guys and some Tweeters even noticed when three of them left the stands for a while, leaving it to read “#UR”.

When asked by the BBC, they admitted that they were supposed to spell “#MURRAY!” but two of their friends bailed on them at the last minute. Despite this setback, their commendable bravery to carry on with the show (and with great spirit too) made them instantly famous.

Sometimes, being intentionally wrong can put you in an outstanding position, leaping out of the crowd and getting you noticed much like these #MURY! guys. Let us leave you with this picture and we will let you decide the answer to the question above:

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