Ant-Man Movie: 3 Oversights of the Modern Executive (Some spoilers)

Ant Man Movie Poster
Ant Man Movie Poster
Movies are a great source to draw inspiration from. They represent a reality that can exist with a little crazy and a little effort.

This time round, we found ourselves watching Marvel’s Ant Man.

Their latest movie Ant Man was thoroughly enjoyable with a great mix of action, humour and storyline. While watching the show, we couldn’t help but find 3 important elements, like little ants, most modern businesses tend to overlook.

1. How many “heroes” are you neglecting? What makes your people tick?

Find the spark to ignite your people and watch a hollywood-like-story unfold right in your business. 

In the movie, Ant Man – Scott Lang, played by Paul Rudd is an ex-convict who is unable to find a job given his past. However, Dr. Hank Pym, played by Michael Douglas sees something in Scott and baits him into trying out for the role of Ant-Man. The rest – watch the movie and find out!

Even though this is just a scene in the movie, this happens in reality as well. Ex-cons don’t get jobs and some people’s actions are misunderstood. Perhaps that employee of yours or co-worker who is always tardy and late is simply unmotivated and has valuable skills in another area.

Take a leaf out from the movie and go out on a limb. Instead of taking the easy way out by replacing said person, try to find out what makes this person ticks. 

On a related note, we also feel that HR policies that restrict internal movement because of tenure rather than fit, is too rigid for the business of today.

2. Do you value your co-workers and employees?

There is a price to pay when you don’t show appreciation to the people running your business.

Darren Cross, played by Corey Stoll, is protegé of Dr. Hank’s and is groomed to take over his company. Over-time, Dr Hank doesn’t trust Darren enough to divulge everything he knows. This leads Darren to feel unappreciated and leads him to become a power hungry monster.

In business today, busy schedules and impatient bosses mean that employees feelings take a back seat. Many executives today feel unappreciated and don’t know how theit work fits into organisation’s goals.

Corporate missions and visions mean nothing if they are not transcended down the ranks. Everyone in an organisation should be well versed to act and think in a consistent way. 

If you are in the position of power and control, randomly speak to people on the ground and understand how they operate. Strategies and white papers are nice to look at but if they can’t be implemented well and consistently, they mean nothing.

3. How clear is your vision? Are you really hungry enough?

A clear vision coupled with an insatiable hunger can overpower anything that stands in the way (to be used with caution). 

Darren Cross found hidden plans for the Ant-Man suit early in his career and was lied to and misled when he tried to feed his curiosity. Eventually, he ousts his mentor and goes on to build technology of his own through his own efforts.

Though this is not an ethically correct use of vision and hunger, the principles are sound.

A clear vision of what you want to create keeps you and your people focused. The clearer the vision, the stronger you’ll be to ward off negativity and procrastination.

In this case, Darren’s vision was so strong and clear that he became blind to the lines of morality. However, if such powerful energies can be channelled properly, the devotion and desire can lead to magnificent outcomes.

Takeaway at a glance

As a business leader (or business leader to be), it is important to understand your people and your organisation’s vision and goals.

The points highlighted in this article champions the importance of looking after your employees and defining a strong vision and mission. Do this well, and you’ll find that your business will have a whole new dimension that is does not rely on daily “fire-fighting” so many of us are used to today!

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