Giving out flyers taught me an important lesson in business

A few years ago, right after completing National Service, I had a lobang (opportunity) to distribute flyers. It wasn’t great money but it was a job to keep myself going before I started school.

Hoping to earn a little pocket money, I contacted the person in-charge, let’s call him Jack, to find out more.

Jack briefed me about the job scope and asked if I had about 10 other friends interested to join as well. Somewhat reluctantly, I told him I’ll try. Usually I’d say no, but something in me told me no, let’s just try first (It also helped that Jack was from a reputably media agency in Singapore).

That evening, I put up a message on Facebook asking if anyone was interested to join me along details of the pay – it was good money for short work. I didn’t expect many responses but to my amazement, I had 10 interested friends within 2 hours.

Armed with 10 friends, I texted Jack with the good news. And since I had done some of the tough work for him, I decided to go one step further. I sheepishly asked, what else can I do?

I wasn’t expecting much, perhaps at best, a slightly higher salary but to my surprise, he told me that he’s happy to hand the entire project to me – including the budget, logistics, scheduling, planning and execution of the entire project. It was a small (4 figure) but substantial budget and the project was to deliver flyers all over the island within a period of time. I was excited beyond words!

Essentially, I had gone from applying to distribute flyers to managing my first project in three hours! All because I refused to say no without trying and asked for what I wanted. The next month of the project was simply amazing.

Today, I do corporate sales in a Fortune 50 company and I continue to embrace that spirit of not giving up, providing value and voicing out. It’s worked well for me so far and I hope it does for you too!

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