Stress Management – The Beauty in Pressure

Haven’t you heard?  – pressure builds diamonds.


If you’ve recently watched the movie Deadpool, read on.
If not, you can still read this thought piece. It has a very minor spoilers (you can also avoid the first paragraph).

The anti-hero Deadpool is a character conceived by immense pressure. A late stage cancer patient gets subject to inhuman levels of torture to mutate to a level where he heals faster than the cancer spreads. This sci-fi levels of medicine turns a once special forces veteran into a super human. The movie was fun roller coaster of how Ryan Reynolds fights hard to find his nemesis to exact revenge.

As fun as the movie was, I couldn’t help but think how this relates to our everyday lives.

Pressure and Stress


Stress is a part of life and everyone goes through some form of it almost everyday. Some try their hardest to avoid it and get stressed out in the process (idiots). I am a firm believer that good stress forces you to grow and adapt to new environments, creative and learn discipline. Living in status-quo just doesn’t do much for you and it’s easy to find yourself stuck in a rut.

When dealing with stress, I find the best way to keep sane is to draft a plan and tackle the issues dead on. This strategic approach is in contrast to what so many people do and end up burnt out – mindless, senseless savage levels of hard work. Working 12 hours a week mindlessly churning out work like a workhorse is not always the smartest thing to do.

Sometimes, it’s best to take 30 minutes to plan your approach and organise your thoughts rather than to waste 30 hours. It’s a simple matter of calming yourself down,  writing down what you need to do and just doing it.

What about distractions? Emails, IMs, calls and Whatapps – these can come flying in like a flies flocking to a dumpster (and they can be as annoying as flies). The key to over come this is prioritising. Only you would know your desired outcomes and what your true tasks are. If a distraction is not worth the time, pluck up the courage to ignore it – over time, it becomes a habit.

We all get 24 hours a day, can only eat so much and do so much. Take the step today and wisely invest the most valuable asset you have – your time.



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