Why I Choose to Forget What I Eat

I am as forgetful as people come.


I usually forget what I ate for lunch 20 minutes after eating. The intricacies and minute details of life are overwhelming and get lost on me like raindrops of the windshield of a car. They splatter thunderously but make no way into the comfort of my being.

Truth is, there are just so many things that happen throughout the course of the day. To me, it’s just a little too much for me. So when I discuss this, very often people are fascinated by the extent that I forget things.

I’ll let you in on a little secret.

I do this by choice. I make a conscious valiant effort to pay as little attention to as many repetitive parts of my day as I can. I track my expenses so I don’t have to worry about money, I have a to-do-list that I populate when random things pop into my head so I don’t keep thinking about them, I set up reminders all day at work to remind me to do work so I’ve never had to think about what to do at work, my wallet’s always in the same place, so is my phone, keys and bags. Everything has a place, if not, a reminder.

I do these things to free up my mind.

There are just so many distractions (it’s disgustingly multiplied by social media) in the day-to-days, and it is a fact that the more decisions you make, the less effective you are as the day progresses. Forgetting the little things is a habit I’ve tried to emulate from the philosophy of “ignorance is bliss”. The difference is that my ignorance is stowed away for another time or accepted blissfully. I choose to think about what I see as bigger things  of value and make the decisions that propel my life forward and yet keep me present enough to carry a conversation.

I’d like to do (too) many things.

However, I accept how I’m wired to be able to only do one thing well at a time. And because I choose to do just a handful of things a day, I inevitably forget what I eat. It’s not that I don’t care, I just don’t have the space in my little head. So maybe try forgetting what you eat, it might just free you up for bigger things.


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