3 Simple Things You Can do to Manage Tough Times

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do”, Robert H. Schuller.

Good days are great, tough days, not so. Sometimes, bad days turn to weeks without you even realising.

I’d like to share a 3 simple ways I manage the tough days.

1. Sleep

Taking a short 20 minute nap helps me refocus the clutter in my head. 

A short nap helps stop the frenzy of misguided unproductive thoughts that serve to upset.

2. Exercise

The office worker of today is mentally drained, exercising the body can help keep things in balance.

Going for a run or some form of intense workout helps release endorphins. 

The rush of positive energy helps with positive thinking and is a release of bad energy.

3. Reflect

At the end of the day, I usually pen down what’s really bothering me and what I can do about it.

Writing helps frame my thinking and gives clarity to what I can change and do to help myself. 

I’ve been reflecting for years now. Sometimes, I read my older reflections and am amazed at the little things I used to be bothered about.

They mean so little now. 😃 

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“It’s the thought that counts” – a tale of a misunderstood phrase

“It’s the thought that counts” – it’s an overused and tired phrase. It’s often used to compensate a lack of thinking by placing more weight on the fact that the act of thinking was performed.

Today, we challenge you to redefine your understanding of the phrase and encourage you to think deeper about it’s meaning. Does it champion the importance of thinking or, does it just fixate on the fact that thinking was performed?

In other words, is it enough just to think or is it the quality of thought that matters? Continue reading “It’s the thought that counts” – a tale of a misunderstood phrase