Worry and Stress is Relative to Perspective

If something’s on your mind and you can’t stop thinking about it, try this. 

  1. Write out what’s bothering you in detail
  2. List out all the possible outcomes
  3. Identify the ones that are in your control
  4. Plan a course of action for these items
  5. Take appropriate action
  6. Put in a reminder to take planned actions
  7. Ignore outcomes outside your control

Set a reminder for yourself in the future to check in if your worry was warranted. Looking back you might be surprised at how small your worries were and laugh at how affected you were. 

3 Simple Things You Can do to Manage Tough Times

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do”, Robert H. Schuller.

Good days are great, tough days, not so. Sometimes, bad days turn to weeks without you even realising.

I’d like to share a 3 simple ways I manage the tough days.

1. Sleep

Taking a short 20 minute nap helps me refocus the clutter in my head. 

A short nap helps stop the frenzy of misguided unproductive thoughts that serve to upset.

2. Exercise

The office worker of today is mentally drained, exercising the body can help keep things in balance.

Going for a run or some form of intense workout helps release endorphins. 

The rush of positive energy helps with positive thinking and is a release of bad energy.

3. Reflect

At the end of the day, I usually pen down what’s really bothering me and what I can do about it.

Writing helps frame my thinking and gives clarity to what I can change and do to help myself. 

I’ve been reflecting for years now. Sometimes, I read my older reflections and am amazed at the little things I used to be bothered about.

They mean so little now. ūüėÉ 

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3 Quotes to Keep on Going (and Going)

It’s almost the end of a 3 day weekend here in sunny Singapore. Many of us (myself included), dread going back to work after a long break. Going back to the daily grind can be a challenge and a struggle – but it is a necessary one.

Inspiration is easy, sticking with it, that’s tough. ¬†


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Why I Choose to Forget What I Eat

I am as forgetful as people come.


I usually forget what I ate for lunch 20 minutes after eating. The intricacies and minute details of life are overwhelming and get lost on me like raindrops of the windshield of a car. They splatter thunderously but make no way into the comfort of my being.

Truth is, there are just so many things that happen throughout¬†the course of the day. To me, it’s just a little too much for me. So when I discuss this, very often people are fascinated by the extent that I forget things.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Continue reading Why I Choose to Forget What I Eat

Stress Management – The Beauty in Pressure

Haven’t you heard?¬†¬†– pressure builds diamonds.


If you’ve recently watched the movie Deadpool, read on.
If not, you can still read this thought piece. It has a very minor¬†spoilers (you can also¬†avoid the first paragraph). Continue reading Stress Management – The Beauty in Pressure

Ant-Man Movie: 3 Oversights of the Modern Executive (Some spoilers)

Ant Man Movie Poster
Ant Man Movie Poster
Movies are a great source to draw inspiration from. They represent a reality that can exist with a little crazy and a little effort.

This time round, we found ourselves watching Marvel’s Ant Man.

Their latest movie Ant Man was thoroughly enjoyable with a great mix of action, humour and storyline. While watching the show, we couldn’t help but find 3 important elements, like little ants, most modern businesses tend to overlook. Continue reading Ant-Man Movie: 3 Oversights of the Modern Executive (Some spoilers)

Coffee Talk is more than just Coffee Talk


Every week, I try to spend some time catching up with friends or attend events where I can meet people. 

I do it not because I have something to sell but because there is amazing energy and ideas that come out of conversations.

Meeting people teaches me that there is so much I don’t know and there’s so much I can learn from the people around me. It inspires me to keep writing.

Just like sentences, life needs breaks. Make these breaks count and have a coffee with a friend this weekend. Have a great weekend!

– Inspire-sg