Ant-Man Movie: 3 Oversights of the Modern Executive (Some spoilers)

Ant Man Movie Poster
Ant Man Movie Poster
Movies are a great source to draw inspiration from. They represent a reality that can exist with a little crazy and a little effort.

This time round, we found ourselves watching Marvel’s Ant Man.

Their latest movie Ant Man was thoroughly enjoyable with a great mix of action, humour and storyline. While watching the show, we couldn’t help but find 3 important elements, like little ants, most modern businesses tend to overlook. Continue reading Ant-Man Movie: 3 Oversights of the Modern Executive (Some spoilers)

“It’s the thought that counts” – a tale of a misunderstood phrase

“It’s the thought that counts” – it’s an overused and tired phrase. It’s often used to compensate a lack of thinking by placing more weight on the fact that the act of thinking was performed.

Today, we challenge you to redefine your understanding of the phrase and encourage you to think deeper about it’s meaning. Does it champion the importance of thinking or, does it just fixate on the fact that thinking was performed?

In other words, is it enough just to think or is it the quality of thought that matters? Continue reading “It’s the thought that counts” – a tale of a misunderstood phrase

The line between im|patient

Someone once told me that words said in anger cannot be taken back.

Being patient might come easy to some but to others (myself included), it is a challenge – especially at work.

We live in the age of tech where communication has been reduced to emails and instant messaging, it is quick, fast and readily available. It is no wonder that people are becoming thought of as tools in the pursuit of some bigger goal – like a cog in the wheel of the conveyor belt within the factory of the cloud.

In a globalised economy where we’re dependent on someone we can’t see, hear, don’t personally know – it’s all too easy to forget that the person on the other computer has feelings, problems, emotions too.  Continue reading The line between im|patient

The Genius in Being Wrong

Over the weekend, Wimbledon 2015 was in full swing and Andy Murray was in a third round match. The world number 3 was up against Andreas Seppi in a match which he eventually won fairly comfortably. But we’re not here today to talk about tennis highlights.

Instead, these Murray fans spotted in the stands were the real eye-catchers.

In a hilarious turn of events, these fans took the Twitter world by storm when #MURY(!) began to trend. The reactions came thick and fast. People spotted the obvious fact that they had the right number of people to spell “MURRAY” instead of “#MURY!”. Continue reading The Genius in Being Wrong

Coffee Talk is more than just Coffee Talk


Every week, I try to spend some time catching up with friends or attend events where I can meet people. 

I do it not because I have something to sell but because there is amazing energy and ideas that come out of conversations.

Meeting people teaches me that there is so much I don’t know and there’s so much I can learn from the people around me. It inspires me to keep writing.

Just like sentences, life needs breaks. Make these breaks count and have a coffee with a friend this weekend. Have a great weekend!

– Inspire-sg 

3 Ways We’re all Becoming Frustrated Turtles 🐢 

We’re all growing to be frustrated turtles.

In the days of our energetic youth, possibilities seemed endless. We carried no baggage, no prejudice and absolutely no concept of limitations. We had big dreams as children, dreams like becoming a super hero, a footballer or something that would be completely inconceivable to most adults – personally, I wanted to become a garbage collector on a garbage truck. Continue reading 3 Ways We’re all Becoming Frustrated Turtles 🐢 

Happy Father’s Day!

To all fathers, we wish you a happy Father’s Day.