3 Quotes to Keep on Going (and Going)

It’s almost the end of a 3 day weekend here in sunny Singapore. Many of us (myself included), dread going back to work after a long break. Going back to the daily grind can be a challenge and a struggle – but it is a necessary one.

Inspiration is easy, sticking with it, that’s tough.  


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4 Books to Read for Success


With so many books in the market today, it can be hard to narrow down the ones to read. The books we’ve recommended provide lasting insights into habits that will change your life. These books steer clear from quick fixes, and will spark you into smart, sustainable action.

Most of these books were written many years ago, long before technology reduced our attention spans drastically. That’s also why we only chose four – focus is important. Continue reading 4 Books to Read for Success

3 Steps to Speeding Up Routine Emails

One common problem at work is the drafting of routine emails (for approvals etc.) Routine work is unavoidable. But what we can do, is make it efficient.

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4 Things To Do Before Finding a Job

Everyone wants to be a success but not many put in the effort required. Preparation is a key part of success and there are a few things you should do even before starting your job search.

According to Dale Carnegie, the two most important decisions in life are, who you choose as a spouse and what do you do for a living. Today we attempt to tackle the latter. Continue reading 4 Things To Do Before Finding a Job

5 Habits to Increase Productivity Today


There are so many things that demand our attention and things can get really overwhelming. Work-life balance is becoming work-life integration. In the rush to get everything done, it is so easy to lose focus and productivity.

It’s always good to stop and take stock of the things you’re doing and evaluate. Many a times, things can be done in a better way and all we need to do is stop to think about how we can improve. The 5 habits listed below are not new to us, but we all need a reminder every now and then. Here’s a little jerk to start you up again. Continue reading 5 Habits to Increase Productivity Today