“It’s the thought that counts” – a tale of a misunderstood phrase

“It’s the thought that counts” – it’s an overused and tired phrase. It’s often used to compensate a lack of thinking by placing more weight on the fact that the act of thinking was performed.

Today, we challenge you to redefine your understanding of the phrase and encourage you to think deeper about it’s meaning. Does it champion the importance of thinking or, does it just fixate on the fact that thinking was performed?

In other words, is it enough just to think or is it the quality of thought that matters? Continue reading “It’s the thought that counts” – a tale of a misunderstood phrase

The line between im|patient

Someone once told me that words said in anger cannot be taken back.

Being patient might come easy to some but to others (myself included), it is a challenge – especially at work.

We live in the age of tech where communication has been reduced to emails and instant messaging, it is quick, fast and readily available. It is no wonder that people are becoming thought of as tools in the pursuit of some bigger goal – like a cog in the wheel of the conveyor belt within the factory of the cloud.

In a globalised economy where we’re dependent on someone we can’t see, hear, don’t personally know – it’s all too easy to forget that the person on the other computer has feelings, problems, emotions too.  Continue reading The line between im|patient